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May 2015 Archives

MN DNR increases fines for unpermitted irrigation wells

The drought in California may seem like a truly foreign topic for Minnesota farmers. After all, we are the Land of 10,000 Lakes, it says so right on our license plates, our farmers would never have to experience such a drought with all that water.

Cynical politics and the federal death penalty

The death penalty should be the ultimate deterrent. After all, if you were to be put to death after committing a crime, surely you would think seriously before committing such a crime. But the deterrent effect of the death penalty is questionable, and if it were an effective deterrent, Texas should have the lowest violent crime rate of any state.

Is there a difference between embezzlement and theft?

Criminal laws can be far more complicated than people realize. On the TV shows and in the movies we watch, legal concepts are often simplified and certain aspects can be skimmed over so if can be easy to get the impression that the laws are simpler than they actually are.

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