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Shakopee police spend more than a year building tax fraud case

| Apr 13, 2015 | Federal Crimes |

In January 2014, Detective Cory Schneck with the Shakopee Police Department called a tax preparer who did business out of his home. The detective asked him questions about a particular client and his $7,293 tax refund. The man gave the detective information about the issues he had with the man’s refund and the steps he was taking with the Internal Revenue Service to correct the problem.

This phone call was not a friendly inquiry. Detective Schneck was not asking innocent questions about the client or the man’s business. The detective was looking for evidence and admissions to build a case against the tax preparer. In fact, he had already been investigating the man for at least several weeks.

The investigation, lasting well over a year, finally culminated with the recent felony charges filed in Scott County District Court against the man over the alleged tax fraud. Prosecutors accused the man of diverting at least $21,000 in tax refunds. He faces the possibility of 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

Although the circumstances and the charges may be different, the situation is very common. Federal investigations can take months or years as police and prosecutors gather evidence to build their case. If the police contact you as they did this man, you are already under investigation. It is time to contact a criminal defense attorney so you can start building your case as well.

Source: Shakopee Valley News, “Tax preparer accused of taking client refunds,” Pat Minelli, April 3, 2015