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Know your options if you are accused of environmental crimes

| Apr 29, 2015 | Federal Crimes |

Protecting the environment has long been a top priority for people in United States. Concerns about climate change and pollution have prompted millions of people to change or at least consider changing habits and behaviors that may be harmful for the environment.

Companies are no different; business owners are expected to understand and comply with numerous laws that have been passed in an attempt to limit environmental damage. However, these laws are typically so complicated and specific to the point where it can be extremely difficult to adhere as strictly to them as we are expected.

Thanks in part to the complexities of environmental laws, there are many corporations in Minnesota that ultimately face the heavy-handed efforts of federal law enforcement and allegations of environmental crimes.

Whether an alleged violation has been committed knowingly or accidentally, the cost of a conviction can be quite steep. Companies can be forced to pay out huge sums of money to resolve disputes and fix or develop procedures to address the apparent violation, which can deplete work resources and finances.

In order to try and minimize the potential consequences of a conviction for an environmental crime, it can be a wise decision to explore your legal options with the support of our law firm. We can help you understand and appreciate the situation you are in and discuss what you can do to deal with the situation. If you are currently facing allegations of environmental crimes, we encourage you to visit our webpage on our approach to crimes related to the environment.