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April 2015 Archives

Know your options if you are accused of environmental crimes

Protecting the environment has long been a top priority for people in United States. Concerns about climate change and pollution have prompted millions of people to change or at least consider changing habits and behaviors that may be harmful for the environment.

6 Minnesotans with alleged terrorist ties charged with conspiracy

When people read about conspiracy, they often think about conspiracy theories. This might include far-reaching beliefs that a particular group or organization is secretly behind certain events or in the context of trying to explain mysterious, unsolvable occurrences.

Are there too many criminal statutes?

There is a very good chance just about every person reading this blog post has committed some type of federal crime or violated a regulation recently. This is largely due to the fact that there are thousands of federal laws and regulations in place, many of which are very obscure or so seemingly minor that it is difficult to avoid them.

Shakopee police spend more than a year building tax fraud case

In January 2014, Detective Cory Schneck with the Shakopee Police Department called a tax preparer who did business out of his home. The detective asked him questions about a particular client and his $7,293 tax refund. The man gave the detective information about the issues he had with the man’s refund and the steps he was taking with the Internal Revenue Service to correct the problem.

Tips to avoid some of the most common tax return mistakes

With the deadline to file tax returns right around the corner, there are people all across Minnesota rushing to file theirs before April 15. In the interest of saving time and getting things filled out and submitted before then, people may end up trying to race through their forms and just get them in the mail.

What is a 'fiduciary relationship'?

There are a number of legal stipulations associated with prosecuting, defending and convicting someone for charges related to embezzlement. It's not as simple or straightforward as just claiming that someone took or did not take money unlawfully. There are factors that must be supported in order for there to be grounds to pursue this type of white collar crime.

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