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Resolving tax issues not as easy as just saying ‘I’m sorry’

| Feb 18, 2015 | Criminal Tax Violations |

Tax season is in full swing and over the next couple months, people will be trying to get their financial documents in order and filing the paperwork they need to stay in compliance with tax laws.

Submitting tax returns can be extremely complicated, thanks to the U.S. tax code which is tens of thousands of pages long. There are extraordinarily long and complex instructions for even the simplest filing forms, and people often don’t understand exactly what they are doing when it comes to aspects like reporting income or seeking deductions.

Because of all this, it is not surprising that many people make mistakes on their tax returns. Often, these mistakes are honest errors like typos, miscalculations or missing information. Unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t typically consider mistakes to be accidental.

If you have made a mistake or are accused of making a mistake on your tax return, you could be dealing with the IRS very shortly. Sadly, trying to explain the mistake or simply apologizing will not make the situation go away. The agency is very aggressive when it comes to tracking down people who have violated the tax code and they may try to pursue fraud charges.

However, fraud charges may be completely inappropriate if your tax issues stem from a simple mistake or negligence. If you are under investigation by the IRS, you can defend yourself by working to prove that any issues on your tax return were not an attempt to evade paying taxes.

Legal representation can be crucial in this situation and you should understand your rights and options to defend yourself against tax fraud allegations. We encourage you to visit our law firm’s page on tax fraud which focuses on how Joseph S. Friedberg has helped people in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota resolve complicated tax issues.