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Minnesota Ties to Overthrowing Gambian Government

| Feb 8, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Recently, several people have been indicted in the District of Minnesota for a violation of Federal Neutrality Act for conspiring in the country to overthrow the Government of The Gambia, a small country in West Africa. The Government has accused a number of American citizens of Gambian descent of planning a coup in The Gambia. This coup failed and several of the so called conspirators were killed. A number of relatives of the alleged coup conspirators have disappeared since the event took place and are presumed dead or worse.

For background the government of The Gambia is ruled by a merciless dictator named Jammeh. He has had the position for many years. Although there is a relationship with our government it is not a good one as our government, as well as Amnesty International has repeatedly criticized Jammeh’s maniacal and unmerciful rule. Nevertheless our government has chosen to indict these honorable people. The justification in the words of ours esteemed Attorney General, Eric Holter, is “We cannot let our private citizens set our foreign policy”. The law firm’s answer to that both in and out of court is “why not?” they would do a much better job.

There are both defenses and mitigating factors to bring to bare in this matter and we will do our best to present both.