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Embezzlement may start small, but it can have big repercussions

| Feb 11, 2015 | Embezzlement |

Every person knows that stealing is wrong. However, people can find themselves in desperate situations where they make some bad decisions they never thought they’d make. Maybe they have fallen behind on bills or a costly emergency has arisen and are in financial trouble. In some cases, a person can make the unfortunate decision of taking money from an employer or other party that has trusted him or her to manage an organization’s finances.

It might feel harmless to take some money, especially if it seems unlikely that anyone will ever find out. But the truth is that people accused of these actions could be in some serious trouble. Misappropriating funds that you have a duty to protect or use for specific purposes can be grounds for embezzlement charges.

In many cases, embezzlement starts small. A person makes a one-time decision to take a little bit of money for personal reasons. He or she may even have the intention of repaying the money before anyone knows it’s gone.

But this can quickly spiral out of control. After taking money once, people can find it easier to do it again. They may take bigger risks by taking more money or taking it more frequently. This can set off alarms and draw attention to missing funds, leading to an investigation.

From there, it may not be that difficult for employers or law enforcement agencies to track down the person or people who have a connection to the missing money, and criminal charges can be filed.

Criminal charges like embezzlement should be taken very seriously by anyone accused of them. A conviction can destroy a person’s career and reputation, and the consequences can put enormous strain on a person’s finances, family and future. Consulting a legal representative can be crucial for people wishing to defend themselves and protect their rights.