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Complicated allegations call for extensive legal knowledge

| Dec 17, 2014 | Embezzlement |

You can flip to just about any channel on TV and find a show about courtroom drama, police investigations or people facing criminal charges. These programs, while entertaining, can significantly oversimplify the legal process and give people the impression that all you need to defend yourself against criminal accusations is a moving speech and last-minute discovery of critical evidence.

This can lead many people to seriously underestimate the amount of work, research and legal knowledge that it can take to defend against charges. This can be especially true when the allegations are complex and the penalties of a conviction are quite serious.

It’s not always just about proving you did or did not do something. In many criminal cases, there are questions of intent and identifying or challenging connections between people or actions. There can be mountains of paperwork and data to go through, especially in cases that involve allegations of white collar crime.

For example, if you have been accused of fraud or embezzlement, the authorities will typically search your home, computer, office files and bank statements. It will take an experienced legal representative to not only scrutinize what has allegedly been found by police, but also to identify and capitalize on errors made by the authorities during these processes in order to have charges reduced or even possibly dismissed.

Should a case go to trial, it will typically be necessary to also understand jury selection, examination of witnesses and how to present a clear and convincing argument. Being unprepared at any step of this process could result in critical and costly mistakes.

Having the support of a litigator in Minnesota who understands all that is required to launch an effective defense can be crucial if you are facing this situation. We encourage you to visit the Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered webpage for more information on how our firm approaches criminal defense and how you can contact us to discuss your case.