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December 2014 Archives

Minnesota mayor resigns after tax crimes charges

A former Minnesota mayor recently resigned from his position amid allegations that he participated in a tax fraud scheme. The supposed criminal tax violation was not for himself, but for two unrelated brothers. These alleged tax crimes were brought as federal charges.

What constitutes embezzlement?

Most people in Minnesota have heard the term embezzlement tossed around on the news or evening crime shows, but these reports typically don't actually explain the specific nature of the crime. It's possible that those who have been accused of embezzlement may be unsure of exactly what their charges entail. At its most basic, allegations of embezzlement come down to the suspicion of theft.

Complicated allegations call for extensive legal knowledge

You can flip to just about any channel on TV and find a show about courtroom drama, police investigations or people facing criminal charges. These programs, while entertaining, can significantly oversimplify the legal process and give people the impression that all you need to defend yourself against criminal accusations is a moving speech and last-minute discovery of critical evidence.

Internet crimes spike during holiday season

Stealing someone's personal information or pretending to be someone else used to be quite difficult and often required intricate knowledge about the person being impersonated. However, that was prior to the widespread use of the Internet. Nowadays, bank transactions, personal information and other formerly private data can be accessed quite easily online; though not always by the proper parties.

The proceedings at the beginning of a case for a federal crime

If you have been to a civil court case before and you are now facing potential charges for an alleged federal crime in Minnesota, it is important to know what legal steps will be taken in this criminal case, as criminal and civil cases are not identical. Along with an understanding of the steps, make sure that you always understand your rights and your legal options.

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