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The line between embezzlement and mistakes in Minnesota

| Nov 24, 2014 | Embezzlement |

As you probably know, embezzlement is simply the process of stealing money from a company in order to use it for yourself: to pay off debts, to buy new items, to invest or whatever else you desire. While this is often done on purpose in Minnesota, there is the chance that a simple mistake could lead you to charges.

As with fraud, mistakes with paperwork sometimes look suspicious, even though you may not have had malicious intent. For example, perhaps you were supposed to write out a company check to a third-party vendor for a purchase. You were in a hurry and you were distracted, so you accidentally wrote it out to yourself, in your own name. You may not have meant to do it, but, if the bookkeepers spot the mistake before you do, they could think you were writing out the checks in order to deposit the money in your own bank account. That looks to them like attempted embezzlement, even though you had no such plans.

When you work in the financial department, you have to be very careful. Bookkeeping mistakes or filling out the wrong paperwork could come back to haunt you. However, everyone makes mistakes on the job. If you are charged with embezzlement or a similar crime, you must know what legal options you have to show why the whole thing was a simple misunderstanding. Everyone has the right to a fair trial.

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