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What actions might spark an embezzlement investigation?

| Oct 29, 2014 | Embezzlement |

A person who has been charged with a white collar crime is typically a person who has been under investigation for some period of time. As soon as authorities suspect a person of criminal activity, they will often launch aggressive and sophisticated efforts to investigate that person.

These investigations can be very intimidating, to say the least. People may not know why they are being investigated in the first place or what they should do, and they can be very scared. If you are dealing with this type of situation, understanding more about what is happening and why can be a crucial step in protecting yourself. 

There are a number of reasons that you may be targeted for an investigation into acts such as embezzlement. Regardless of if you have knowingly done anything wrong, employers or co-workers may identify an embezzlement warning sign that links back to you. Typically, suspicions of embezzlement start with something very small, like a single unusual payment or one calculation that doesn’t match up with records.

This can lead to people taking a closer look at the bigger picture and potentially finding more significant red flags like sudden changes in lifestyle without an increase in income, multiple missing or duplicate checks, or payments that have been made to illegitimate or unauthorized parties.

Any one of these situations could easily be explained, but they could also be considered warning signs of embezzlement and prompt a thorough investigation.

As soon as you learn that you or a loved one is being investigated for embezzlement, it can be crucial to consult an attorney in order to better understand your rights. You can be at a significant disadvantage because law enforcement agents know what evidence could link you to a criminal offense while you may not. But having the support of a defense attorney who understands how law enforcement agents work and what they can and cannot do helps to level the playing field.

Being investigated for embezzlement should be taken very seriously, even though charges have yet to be filed. Knowing your rights and understanding how you can protect yourself could ultimately help you avoid charges in the first place and, consequently, the chance of being convicted.