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Internet crimes complex and taken seriously in Minnesota

| Oct 1, 2014 | Internet Crime |

Think about how often we browse the Web, access secure accounts online, download music, or store data on our phones or computers. Nearly every aspect of our lives is impacted by these technological devices and digital resources.

This has resulted in dramatic rise in criminal activities that involve computers. In response, numerous federal and state laws have been created to define computer crimes and assign penalties for a conviction on those offenses. However, these laws are relatively new and can change fairly often due to the fact that technology itself is constantly changing. This means that any person facing charges involving a computer or Internet crime could find themselves in a very complicated situation.

In Minnesota, there are numerous state laws that address computer crimes. A person could be facing charges stemming from:

  • Unauthorized computer access
  • Identify theft
  • Fraud
  • Interfering with ticket sales via the Internet
  • Damaging or destroying a computer, software or system
  • Altering a computer program or software without authorization

There are a number of other actions that can result in criminal charges for a computer crime. In fact, there is a broad range of categories that are described as computer crimes. Understanding how they apply to an individual case can be very complicated for people who are unfamiliar with specific state and federal laws. 

This is why is can be so crucial to consult an attorney if you are under investigation by authorities or have already been arrested and charged. Any person who is convicted of a computer crime could be facing steep fines, a lengthy court battle and the possibility of a prison sentence.

Failure to take criminal charges seriously or appreciate the complexity of state and federal computer crime laws could be disastrous. A criminal conviction on these offenses could destroy a person’s career, family, financial standing and future. In order to defend against these charges and work to avoid a conviction or overly harsh sentence, people facing charges may be wise to secure a legal defense.