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What you should know if you are facing embezzlement charges

| Sep 18, 2014 | Embezzlement |

Being charged with a white collar crime can be an extremely upsetting experience for any person in this very serious situation. But even the allegations of misconduct or a criminal investigation can turn a person’s life upside down.

White collar crimes in particular can be very complicated. There are often huge amounts of paperwork, computer records, bank statements, and transaction histories to comb through in order to uncover evidence that supports the accusations. Authorities devote substantial resources to investigating crimes that are financially motivated, including embezzlement.

Embezzlement charges are based on allegations that a person unlawfully takes assets that he or she had responsibility for. In order for there to be grounds for embezzlement charges, this person would need to have purposefully acquired or taken property using their role in a fiduciary relationship.

It is not unusual for people to assume that someone charged with embezzlement is part of or running a sophisticated scheme to take huge sums of money unlawfully. While some cases may look like this, many others involve an individual who has made a bad or desperate decision. After that one decision, the situation can spiral out of control as he or she tries to hide or fix that initial action.

However, law enforcement authorities are aggressive in the pursuit of charges whether they stem from a complex Ponzi scheme or a handful of altered or hidden accounting records.

Being the subject of a criminal investigation or target of criminal charges at any level is often devastating. In many cases, a person’s family, career and reputation can be put on the line. This is why it can be crucial to defend yourself and make sure your rights are protected. Consulting an attorney can be a good step toward understanding your options and crafting a defense.