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How much internet crime is reported each year?

| Sep 5, 2014 | Internet Crime |

Anyone in Minnesota who has been accused of an internet crime might find themselves wondering how many of these crimes are reported each year. It is important for those who have been accused to know their rights and what legal options they have. Seeing how many similar crimes are reported on a national basis can help to get this process started, as this can tell what other reports entailed and what action was taken.

The body that keeps track of this data is known as the Internet Crime Complaint Center, or the IC3. It has now been up and running for about 14 years. While data for 2014 has not been released yet, data for past years, like 2012 and 2013, can easily be examined in this organization’s reports.

First off, it is important to look at more than one year to get an accurate picture of internet crime figures. In 2012, IC3 got a grand total of 289,874 complaints relating to alleged crimes. This number fell for 2013, when there were only 262,813.

However, the monetary values of these crimes went in the opposite direction. In 2013, the adjusted amount of loss was found to be over $7.8 million, but it was only a bit more than $5.8 million in 2012. This means that it went up by almost half from 2012 to 2013, even though fewer instances were actually reported.

Since 2000, the highest number of complaints was 336,655, which came along in 2009. The lowest number of complaints was in 2000 itself, the same year that the organization began keeping track of the numbers, with a mere 16,838.

Internet crimes can carry significant consequences, but an attorney experienced in these types of charges can provide a great deal of information on possible defense strategies.

Source: Internet Crime Report, “Executive Summary” Sep. 04, 2014