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Facing charges of tax violations? We can help

| Sep 25, 2014 | Criminal Tax Violations |

There is no doubt that the tax code in the United States is overwhelmingly complicated. And every year, individuals and businesses are expected to file their taxes by filling out the forms, researching potential tax breaks or handing the job over to a professional accountant. But none of this is any sort of guarantee that the Internal Revenue Service will not find reason to come after you for a criminal tax violation.

The IRS has vast resources at its disposal to investigate and prosecute people accused of tax fraud, evasion and any other federal offense. This is why you should not take the agency on alone if you are facing charges or under investigation for a tax-related offense. This is when you should seriously consider speaking with an attorney.

When we read about people accused of or convicted of a tax violation, they are often painted as malicious and deceitful. However, the fact is that many of the people who are in this situation got there because of a mistake or misguided attempt to save some money. But no matter who you are, the federal government goes after every person as aggressively as possible.

Whether you have knowingly violated tax laws or have made an honest mistake, the fact is that you are up against some powerful people and you are looking at some serious penalties if you are convicted.

This is why it can be so crucial to work with an attorney to defend against the charges and protect your rights. Working with Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered can give you a great sense of relief that will not have to face this situation alone and have the confidence of knowing you are working with someone who is experienced in defending against allegations of criminal tax violations. For more information on what you can expect from our law firm and how we can help, please visit our website.