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September 2014 Archives

Facing charges of tax violations? We can help

There is no doubt that the tax code in the United States is overwhelmingly complicated. And every year, individuals and businesses are expected to file their taxes by filling out the forms, researching potential tax breaks or handing the job over to a professional accountant. But none of this is any sort of guarantee that the Internal Revenue Service will not find reason to come after you for a criminal tax violation.

What you should know if you are facing embezzlement charges

Being charged with a white collar crime can be an extremely upsetting experience for any person in this very serious situation. But even the allegations of misconduct or a criminal investigation can turn a person's life upside down.

Investment advisor pleads guilty to criminal tax violations

A man from Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, has pleaded guilty to criminal tax violations as well as misappropriating assets from clients for his investment firm. The 43-year-old investment advisor reportedly used his father's money and client investments for personal purchases after depositing the funds in his bank account. Authorities say that he misappropriated more than $1.5 million.

How much internet crime is reported each year?

Anyone in Minnesota who has been accused of an internet crime might find themselves wondering how many of these crimes are reported each year. It is important for those who have been accused to know their rights and what legal options they have. Seeing how many similar crimes are reported on a national basis can help to get this process started, as this can tell what other reports entailed and what action was taken.

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