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A conviction for domestic assault can affect child custody

Parents who may have been charged with domestic assault may struggle to retain custody of their children if they're convicted of such a crime.

This stems largely from the fact that American Bar Association (ABA) and other studies have shown that oftentimes, abusers who retain custody of their children will use them as pawns to exert some type of influence over their victim. This person often happens to be a child's other parent.

Minneapolis postal worker accused of shooting at Federal Reserve

A 43-year-old Minneapolis U.S. Postal Service worker was charged with several crimes in Hennepin County District Court on Wednesday, Aug. 22. He now faces property damage, attempted bodily harm and reckless discharge of a firearm charges.

Officers with Minneapolis Police Department's Violent Criminal Apprehension Team were led to the man's apartment on Monday, Aug. 20 by piecing together clues in a shooting case. They believe that the U.S. Postal Service employee was the person responsible for shooting from the roof of the city's main post office in the direction of the Federal Reserve Bank across the street on July 21.

Drug court is not always an option for Minneapolis defendants

Minneapolis is home to some 2.5 million people, at least one-half of the entire population of the state of Minnesota. In addition to being a densely populated city, it's also one known for its extreme weather. In the winter, it's snowy and bitterly cold and in the summer, it's sunny and hot. Seasonal changes in weather coupled with everyday pressures of life send many Minnesotans over the edge and to embrace vices like drugs.

While the use of drugs is not unique to our one state, there are some drug trends in Minnesota that have emerged over the past few years.

Harvesting, fishing and hunting in Minnesota are regulated

Hunting, fishing and harvesting are popular activities in Minnesota. Many people think it is their right to do these activities without any restrictions but this isn't the case. You need to find out what licenses, permits and regulations are applicable to your chosen activities.

Failing to comply with hunting and fishing seasons, licensing requirements and other regulations can lead to criminal and civil penalties. Not only do you have to worry about the state's laws, you also need at least a basic understanding of the Lacey Act, which is a federal law that protects wildlife and plants.

Understanding what domestic violence is

Domestic violence, abuse or assault are crimes that you often hear talked about in public service announcements or in the media as a crime that's committed by an individual against his or her love interest. What you may be surprised to know though is that violence committed against a love interest is not the only reason that you can be charged with domestic assault though.

Instead, many jurisdictions' laws are written to punish any individual who attempts to exert some kind of force over another person.

Oklee man's trial on federal destructive devices charges begins

This past Monday, July 16, the federal trial of a 41-year-old northwestern Minnesota man got underway. He stands accused of possession of unregistered destructive devices.

He was initially arrested by law enforcement in Red Lake County on Oct. 30, 2017, after an informant told police that they'd discovered partially concealed pipe bombs on the man's land in rural Oklee. Those charges were dropped on Jan. 29, five days after the U.S. Attorney's office indicted him on federal charges.

Can you force your spouse not to testify against you?

You get arrested, and the authorities say that your spouse was a witness to the crime. They want him or her to testify against you. Naturally, you would rather not have your spouse involved in any way. Can you force your spouse not to testify?

You cannot. That is how spousal privilege has been used in the past, but the modern interpretation is different. You no longer have the power to deny your spouse any action. If he or she wants to testify against you, it can happen without your permission.

What you don't know about drug laws can lead to big trouble

There is a theory in criminal law called "mens rea." That's Latin for "guilty mind." The gist of the theory is that if an individual charged with a crime didn't have criminal intent at the time of the act, it should be possible to use that in the person's defense. Whether it makes sense to try that tactic depends on the circumstances of the case.

It's worth noting, however, that it is very possible for a person to violate the law without knowing it. There are so many laws on the books that it becomes easy to unintentionally step across legal lines. For example, depending on the laws of your state, you could find yourself facing criminal charges if you host a friendly poker game. If you decide to share your password for an online subscription service like Netflix or HBO Now so a friend can use it, you could be indicted under federal law.

The trouble with vendor accounts

Even those who operate legitimate businesses in Minnesota might find themselves accused of white-collar crimes, such as embezzlement. The complicated nature of these accusations, which are often backed by years of investigative work, makes them difficult to investigate and even more challenging to defend against.

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