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About Attorney Joe Friedberg

Joe Friedberg has spent more than 40 years building a strong reputation as one of Minnesota’s top criminal defense attorneys. His Minneapolis law firm, Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, has helped numerous clients facing serious state and federal felony charges across the region, including in Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Clients of Joe Friedberg will benefit from working with a dedicated criminal defense lawyer who:

  • Has a lengthy track record of success: With 17 federal jury acquittals and a 85 percent acquittal rate in state trials, Joe Friedberg knows how to build a compelling case and get positive results for his clients. Prosecutors know his record and treat his clients fairly as a result.
  • Is accessible to clients: As a solo practitioner, Joe immerses himself in the details of every case and is available to his clients at all times. Clients do not have to worry about being passed off to a less experienced attorney.
  • Has earned the respect of his peers: Owing to his reputation, Joe has served as the president of the American Board of Criminal Lawyers, has been selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers for the last 25 years and was named by Minnesota Law & Politics as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the history of Minnesota and a member of the Minnesota Lawyers Hall of Fame. He is a frequent lecturer for continuing legal education and commentator on television about legal matters.

With a deep knowledge of criminal law and a vast network of resources and experts to call on, few attorneys are in a better position to help those facing criminal serious charges like Joe Friedberg.

Joseph S Friedberg

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When facing serious state or federal criminal charges, Joe Friedberg is the right choice. Contact his law firm, Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, online or call 651-447-6719 for a consultation.