Minneapolis Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

A conviction for sexual assault can last much longer than any prison sentence. Having to live as a registered sex offender can irreparably harm one's life, including making it harder to find housing and employment.

In Minneapolis, Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered is a premier criminal defense law firm because its founder, Joe Friedberg, knows how to investigate and handle allegations of rape or sexual assault. He understands what is at stake for people facing charges of criminal sexual conduct and is committed to protecting their rights.

An Attorney Who Knows How Handle These Cases Aggressively

Because of the highly emotional nature of these crimes, people facing sexual assault or any other type of sex crime charges can have their reputation ruined before a conviction ever happens. Additionally, false allegations of sex crimes are extremely common in Minnesota.

An attorney of Joe Friedberg's caliber is necessary when mounting a defense against serious sex crime charges. Respected by his peers, prosecutors and judges, Joe knows how to successfully handle these cases.

Few lawyers in Minnesota possess the trial skills that Joe Friedberg does. He can use any evidence to cross-examine alleged victims and witnesses to poke holes in the prosecution. With 75 percent of his trials ending in acquittals, he knows where the pitfalls lie in these types of cases and how to avoid them.

For Any Type Of Sex Crime Charge, Call Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered

There is too much on the line to not take legal representation seriously when facing criminal sexual misconduct allegations. Contact Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered online or call 651-447-6719 to schedule a consultation with one of Minnesota's best criminal defense attorneys.