Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

For more than 40 years, criminal defense attorney Joseph S. Friedberg has helped countless individuals — including high-profile corporate executives, athletes and politicians — throughout Minnesota successfully resolve state and federal criminal charges.

From his office in downtown Minneapolis and in trial courts throughout the region — including North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa — he provides high-quality, aggressive representation for people facing serious criminal charges such as:

Make The Right Choice When So Much Is At Stake

With many of the cases listed above, there are extremely serious consequences for a conviction: lengthy sentences in state or federal prison and thousands or even millions of dollars in fines or restitution. That is why it is important for anyone looking for a criminal defense attorney to ask him or herself these questions:

  1. Is the lawyer easily available to speak with on reasonably short notice?
  2. Do you feel comfortable talking to the lawyer, and is he willing to answer your questions thoroughly while admitting that some questions cannot be answered at the outset of the case?
  3. How much experience and success does the lawyer have handling serious cases?
  4. What is the lawyer's trial record? This is important because it drives his ability to negotiate a favorable outcome without a trial as well as his proven ability to convince a jury in your favor if negotiation is not possible.
  5. How candid is the lawyer when discussing fees with you? Criminal lawyers generally charge a flat fee plus expenses so that you don't have financial surprises later in the case.

For all of these questions, Joe Friedberg is the right choice. With a lengthy track record of success in federal and state criminal trials, he understands how the criminal justice system works and how to get positive results.

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