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Internet Crime Archives

Understanding cyberstalking

Minnesota residents who have heard reports of people being accused of crimes online may wonder exactly how these alleged crimes are defined. One such action is referred to as cyberstalking or cyberharassment. Symantec, the software company that manufacturers the popular antivirus program Norton, indicates that it is essentially actions that make use of internet technology for the purpose of stalking others online rather than in person.

How is child pornography defined?

Like many other terms, people often make references to child pornography without fully understanding exactly what it may mean in the eyes of the law. It is important for Minnesota residents to have an understanding of this because there may be things that could be considered child pornography that they are not aware of. 

What is cyber terrorism?

Most Minnesota residents who have a computer are probably familiar with things like antivirus software or spyware programs. These products are designed to protect computers and networks against hackers or computer viruses that may corrupt or steal data. The online world has given rise to new opportunities in many ways and some people have turned to it for illegal activities. However, just as with any type of crime, the line between what is ethical and what is not can sometimes be hard to distinguish.

DDoS attack believed to have caused large disruption

Most Minnesota residents have heard about several types of data breaches or online security threats in the recent years. From problems involving some of the nation's biggest retailers to concerns about the security of health care information, there seems to be no end to these types of accusations or events. Understanding them can be complex, however.

Is cybersex with minors a crime in MN if age is unknown?

If you are like many people in Minnesota, you probably use the internet to find new opportunities and experiences. Some of these experiences may be romantic in nature, but if the person on the other end of that cyber connection is a minor, you could find yourself charged with an internet sex crime. Here at Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, we often hear from clients that they didn’t know the other person they were talking to was underage. Is it still illegal if the age of the other person is misrepresented?

Taking a look at cyberstalking

While many people are familiar with stalking, cyberstalking is a newer term that has emerged in the digital age. In Minneapolis, and across the whole state of Minnesota, people may find themselves in serious trouble over cyberstalking allegations. In some cases, those who are accused may not even realize that a law was broken, while others are innocent altogether and still face harsh penalties for an offense that never even occurred.

The possible repercussions of internet crime charges

In the digital age, there are a wide variety of online crimes that people are accused of, such as cyber bullying, identity theft, piracy and computer fraud, among others. At Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, our law firm takes these charges very seriously and we understand how damaging they can be. Whether you live in Minneapolis or a small town in Minnesota, properly handling internet crime charges and understanding the consequences you may face is of the utmost importance.

Court finds cyberbullying law unconstitutional

When someone is accused of cyberbullying, their whole life can change in a flash. For some, the accusations may cause them to lose friends or suffer from a social stigma. For others, the allegations could lead to legal problems and turn their life upside down. Unfortunately, some people have been falsely accused of cyberbullying in Minneapolis, and other cities in Minnesota. Sometimes, the details were blown out of proportion, while other cases involve allegations of bullying that were entirely untrue and designed to harm an individual's reputation.

Making a bomb threat has serious penalties

This week schools in several states, including Minnesota, experienced bomb threats. According to a USA today story, the threats came through a series of robo-calls, but it's also not uncommon these days for a person who wants communicate a false threat to use the Internet. In many cases, these threats are made by kids who make false threats in an email or on social media sites. 

Man's alleged social media activity leads to lawsuit

Nowadays, an impressive number of people are active on various social media websites. Unfortunately, all sorts of problems can arise and many people have found themselves in hot water over their online behavior. Sometimes, people are falsely accused of harassment, stalking, theft, bullying or another type of online offense. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, and across America, online crimes can carry serious consequences that will virtually destroy an individual's life, regardless of whether or not they were actually guilty in the first place.

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