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Criminal Tax Violations Archives

Professor accused of not filing tax returns

Minnesota residents who encounter problems with alleged tax violations may at times face a bumpy and uncertain future. The Internal Revenue Service may be powerful but there is still the reality that every person accused of a criminal offense deserves a fair defense. The outcome of a particular case may be very different than what may have originally been thought or might have been possible.

Felonies allege transportation of untaxed product

Minnesota residents who hear about people being charged with tax crimes should know that these types of cases can involve a great many different situations. It is not always about someone not reporting income on a tax return, for example. Also important to remember is that an accusation or an arrest is never a guarantee that a person is guilty or will be convicted.

Alleged tax fraucd scheme at work in Minnesota

For most Minnesota residents today, the use of computers has become common practice for either personal or professional purposes. The convenience, productivity and even entertainment factors associated with this are real indeed. So too, however, are the growing number of concerns about potential safety of electronic information. At the same time that new forms of crime have emerged, the need to treat allegations of such crime carefully is also present.

Man indicted on multiple charges by federal grand jury

Minnesota entrepreneurs know that business transactions can be very complex, especially when mergers, stock sales and shares and other things are involved. It is not only the transactions themselves that can be complex but the ensuring tax responsibilities as well. It can be the smallest of details that make the biggest of differences in what needs to be reported as income and paid as tax.

Legal tax-reduction tips

A recent post explored the sometimes very fine line between legal tax deductions or other methods used to minimize tax responsibilities and alleged criminal acts. Many Minnesota residents understandably want and even need to find ways to limit how much income tax they must pay. This does not by any means indicate that they are criminals or trying to get out of paying their fair share. It simply means they want to not pay more than they need to. The U.S. Tax Code acknowledges many ways that people can legally do this.

The fine line between mistakes and fraud on tax returns

Most Minnesota residents have probably heard about people being charged with tax fraud. If convicted, defendants may experience serious penalties for these offenses. But, just what constitutes fraud when it comes to income taxes? Does the Internal Revenue Service take into account that tax code and procedures are very complicated and can be easily mistaken by taxpayers?

What is the OVDP?

If you are like many Minnesota residents, you have have experienced challenges when income tax season rolls around at least once. In some cases, it can be hard to come up with the money that you may owe to the Internal Revenue Service. This can be a very stressful thing. Sometimes the high price of taxes can make you look at options for investing your money that may help lower your tax bill.

Failure to file or pay taxes

Just hearing terms like tax evasion or tax fraud can understandably make Minnesota residents concerned. There may be many situations in which a person or a company does not knowingly defraud the government but may be accused of having done so. It is important to understand what repercussions may be felt if the Internal Revenue Service suspects that someone has consciously not filed or paid income tax.

What are the penalties for failing to file taxes?

From filing a false tax return to intentionally submitting a return with false information, tax offenses take many forms. However, you could also face harsh penalties for failing to file a tax return in Minneapolis, or any other part of Minnesota. If you have been accused of failing to file taxes, or fear that you may not file your tax return on time, it is important to familiarize yourself with the possible consequences.

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