• Minnesota Law & Politics named Joseph Friedberg one of the 100 Most Influential Lawyers in the History of the State
  • Acclaimed “Super Lawyer” by Minnesota Law & Politics every year since the award was first given out in 1991.
  • 2010 President of the Elite American Board of Criminal Lawyers.
  • Awarded distinguished service award by the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
  • Received jury acquittals in the following types of federal criminal defense cases: mail fraud, wire fraud, racketeering, agricultural fraud, securities fraud, murder and more.
  • Achieved acquittals in over 75% of State Court felony trials.
  • Represented a high number of high profile executives, athletes, lawyers, doctors and political figures.
  • Exemplary trial record has given Joseph Friedberg the ability to settle cases to the benefits of his clients.

1. Is the lawyer easily available to speak to on reasonably short notice.

2. Do you feel comfortable talking to the lawyer and is he both willing to answer your questions thorougly and willing to admit that some questions cannot be answered at the outset of the case.

3. How much experience does the lawyer have handling serious cases and what kind of success has he had.

4. You want to know not only how many serious cases the lawyer has actually taken to trial where he has been the lead counsel but, what, specifically is his trial record. Evaluate his or her honesty in discussing his track record. This is important because it drives his ability to negotiate a favorable outcome without a trial as well as his proven ability to convince a jury in your favor if negotiation is not possible.

5. How candid is the lawyer when discussing fees with you. Criminal lawyers generally charge a flat fee plus expenses so that you don’t have financial surprises later in the case.